Would you want to get or change your Netgear wireless router settings? If you are establishing your wireless connection for your first time, or have reformatted your computer then you must have to visit Netgear routerlogin web page to reconfigure your router's settings.

Steps to Access Netgear WiFi Router

Below are the easy steps that will help you access or modify your wireless router's settings:

1. Power on your computer or laptop.
2. If you're setting up the router to the first time or want to change the configuration, join your desktop/laptop (if you just have one computer) into the router using an Ethernet cable.
3. In the event that you already have a wireless connection set up (using a desktop already connected to the router using an Ethernet cable) and just want to alter the configuration settings in a second computer, you don't have to use an Ethernet cable again.
4. Launch your internet browser viz. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox etc. (whatever you use).
5. This will direct you towards the router login page, prompting you to input the password and username. If it does not bring up the login page, type 'routerlogin.net' (without quotes) from the address bar and hit 'Enter'.
6. Type in the username and password in the respective fields and click OK/Login whatever you see on the window to login. Assess your router docs. For the username and password or if you have changed the data then enter the new one.
7. Once you see the configuration screen, setup or alter your configuration settings as wanted
8. When done with the settings, exit the window by clicking the 'X' button. This will log you out automatically of the configuration screen.

Additional Tidbits

You can also try these IP addresses viz.'',''',''',''. You need to check your Netgear login information such as username and password before entering anything. The information usually comes printed on a sticker at the bottom of the Netgear router. Or if you don't have changed it.

In the event that you already have your wireless router installation and have got your personal computer reformatted, you don't have to login to the router. Just connect to the wireless connection using your safety key such WAP. This is applicable from the event if you don't want to modify the already configured settings.

What If Netgear routerlogin Do Not Respond?

1. Turn off your wireless router and directly connect your computer to the router with the help of an Ethernet cable.
2. Reboot your computer and check for a live internet connection.
3. If there is no internet connection, try to reboot your modem and router.
4. You can repeat the same reset process with your computer directly connected to the modem.

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